About Us

zach-shantellZach and Shantell

Cooking has always been something we love doing together. We also enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures and customs so this blog is a natural fit for us. For one of our new years resolutions we set the goal to have a meal from a different country each week. As we shared that goal with friends and family several people wanted to do it to. This blog started as a way to keep us all on the same page, doing the same country each week. Now the invitation to join us in our little adventure is spreading to more and more people and that’s just the way we like it.

Where the Recipes come from

I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with different cooking techniques and ingredients and that’s usually resulted in fun and tasty dishes. I get my inspiration from reading other recipes, tasting food cooked at restaurants and friends homes and from the smells of different foods. For the international dishes I’ve added a lot of research into the culture, climate and native plants and animals in each country. I read a bunch of recipes which are considered traditional and then make an educated guess at what could be a meal that would fit in the chosen country.

How you can join in

Our hope is that several people will join us in our exploration of  foods from other cultures. Adding variety to your diet is a great way to improve health, both physical and mental. Follow along by picking a day of the week that will be your “International Night” and use the recipe we feature that week. Every Tuesday we’ll publish a new recipe on the blog. Every Thursday we’ll post the next week’s country on our Facebook page.