29 November, 2015

Dutch Pot Roast – Draadjesvlees

Dutch Pot Roast – Draadjesvlees

This crock pot recipe is very easy and the roast comes out tasting fantastic. One of the keys to pulling this off is letting the roast cook for as long as it needs to. Chuck Roast can be really tough so give this plenty of time to cook. The general guideline is to cook it on high for about an hour per pound or on low for 1.5 hours for each pound of meat.

The juniper berries used in this recipe are easy to find in the price isle at the grocery store, they help add a richness to the overall flavor that makes this unique compared to other pot roast recipes we’ve tried. We separated the bay leaves, peppercorns, cloves and juniper berries by using cheesecloth so we could easily make a gravy with some of the drippings. If you aren’t going to make a gravy you can just throw them into the crock pot loosely.

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